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    We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information


    Privacy Gaurantee

    Psychic Shiva Prasad ensures that no personal and sensitive information about his clients is leaked. Their privacy is his utmost concern.


    Trusted People

    With many years of expertise and knowledge, Psychic Shiva Prasad has successfully made a positive impact in the life of more than 5000 people all around the globe.


    Get their love back

    Acknowledging the power of love and togetherness, Psychic Shiva Prasad has reunited thousands of couples worldwide and brought an end to their clashes and fights.


    Black Magic Removed

    With his hard work and knowledge, Psychic Shiva Prasad has been highly successful in eradicating black, dark, and negative energies from the life of a person.

    5K+ Happy Clients
    All Around The World

    One of the best ways to assess the services and knowledge of a psychic reader is by client feedback and reviews. Psychic Shiva Prasad, the most genuine astrologer in Sydney, is not merely an astrologer for his clients but more like a family member who is right there to understand the many problems and find the best and the most apt solutions for their various issues. From resolving interpersonal relationships to help a person build a fortune and success to solving health-related problems to removing black and dark energies, Psychic Shiva Prasad has been more like a guru for his clients. His constant advice and concern have brought tremendous changes in the lives of his clients globally.