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    Psychic Shiva Prasad’s Astrology Services in the Australia

    Are you looking for the best astrologer in the Australia’s Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Queensland, or the Sydney? Look no further!

    Our astrologer, Pandit Shiv Prashad, is not only one of the Best Astrologer in Australia, but also one of the most reliable Palmist, Face Reader, Psychic, Spiritual Guru, Vastu Expert, Numerologist, Gemologist, Future Prediction, and the Horoscope Writer of the highest repute. You can choose any of the many astrology services of our Psychic Shiv Prashad in Australia to find a reliable and cost-effective solution of your personal life problems that are yet to be solved or remain as it is despite all your efforts to overcome them.

    For Example:

    • You are being ignored by your love interest, dating partner, spouse, family members, friends, colleagues or the people in your social circle for a very long period of time without no fault of yours.
    • You have disputes or arguments or spats with your husband or wife all the time.
    • You are not in good terms with your own family members.
    • Your friends keep bullying or scolding your all the times.
    • You are not able to find a perfect life partner who best suits your interests, choices and preferences.
    • You are struggling with your job or business despite trying your best to do it the way your boss wants or as per the wishes or your clients or customers.
    • You are coping with the financial hardships despite having a wide range of good sources of income.
    • You are having horrible dreams since a long time or especially after a very unfortunate event or an accident in your life.
    • You are frightened to stay at a particular place without knowing the reason behind your fear.
    • You feel insecure, restless and anxiety all the time especially after the demise of a near and dear one in your family or neighborhood or your social or professional circle.
    • You are not able to achieve a very important goal of your life that is very close to your heart such as your engagement, marriage, parenthood or buying your dream car or house, the marriage of your family member, or getting your dream job or finding a dating partner or the life partner of your choice.
    • You feel nervous or insecure in the company of a specific person or a group of people that you can’t ignore.
    • You are curious to know about the future events of your life. Like whether is it possible to date or marry your love interest or will your ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife will come back into your life or what your present decisions or actions will result into the future.
    • You just want to become aware of the possible distractions, problems or obstacles associated with a particular event or decision of your life so that you can overcome them easily or avoid them completely.
    • You desperately want to negate an upcoming bad event like the death of your loved one or your divorce or breakup with the love of your life.

    25+ years Experience

    With more than 25 of experience in psychic reading, Psychic Shiva Prasad has single-handedly been the force behind solving the problems of thousands of people globally.

    100% Satisfaction

    Nothing is more crucial for Psychic Shiva Prasad than to ensure that not only are his clients going back satisfied but also finding the most effective and efficient solutions.

    Worldwide Clients

    We are proud to say that we have been trusted by more than thousands of clients worldwide, who have visited us & got rid of their problems & also recommending others to visit us.

    Best Astrologer in the Australia

    Pandit Shiva Prashad has more than 25 years experience in helping the people of Australia with the best astrology services that are not only reliable but also cost-effective. He is ‘Family Pandit’ of many renowned personalities, families and business groups of the Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and the Queensland. These personalities, families and business groups keep on inviting Pandit Shiva Prashad to offer his astrology at their homes or offices before, after and during the most important event of their life.

    While the Pandit Shiv Prashad never disappoints his clients with his Astrology Services in the Australia, there are times when he is unable to visit a particular Australian city due to his busy schedule or an unplanned meeting with a client who urgently needs his astrology services in Australia at that particular time.

    In this situation, it becomes very challenging for him to decide which client he should visit personally or which client he should attend virtually.

    Astrology Services in Australia

    In such cases, the only option is to offer his Astrology Services in Australia via the email, video call or the telephonic conversion. While some clients prefer to avail the astrology services of Pandit Shiva Prashad through his personal visits in the Australian cities of the Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or the Queensland; there are many who simply can’t afford the expenses of his international or intercontinental travels or stays. Such clients can also avail his astrology services via the email, video call or the telephonic conversation.

    You can choose any medium of your choice to avail the astrology services of Pandit Shiva Prashad in any city of the Australia depending on your budget and the availability of a slot in the busy schedule of our astrologer.


    Privacy Gaurantee

    Psychic Shiva Prasad ensures that no personal and sensitive information about his clients is leaked. Their privacy is his utmost concern.


    Trusted People

    With many years of expertise and knowledge, Psychic Shiva Prasad has successfully made a positive impact in the life of more than 5000 people all around the globe.


    Get their love back

    Acknowledging the power of love and togetherness, Psychic Shiva Prasad has reunited thousands of couples worldwide and brought an end to their clashes and fights.


    Black Magic Removed

    With his hard work and knowledge, Psychic Shiva Prasad has been highly successful in eradicating black, dark, and negative energies from the life of a person.

    Shivaprasad Ji
    Expertise in these services

    Astrology is a vast field. Our Best Psychic in Australia, Psychic Shiva Prasad Ji, uses many techniques and tools to ensure a complete study of human life. He ensures that no stone remains unturned to chalk out a plan that is sure to remove all the problems and negativity from his client’s life and replace it with long-lasting positivity, happiness, and elations.

    Solution for Love Probem

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    Best Astrology Solution

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    Negative energy Removal

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    5K+ Happy Clients
    All Around The World

    One of the best ways to assess the services and knowledge of a psychic reader is by client feedback and reviews. Psychic Shiva Prasad, the most genuine Astrologer in Australia, is not merely an astrologer for his clients but more like a family member who is right there to understand the many problems and find the best and the most apt solutions for their various issues. From resolving interpersonal relationships to help a person build a fortune and success to solving health-related problems to removing black and dark energies, Psychic Shiva Prasad has been more like a guru for his clients. His constant advice and concern have brought tremendous changes in the lives of his clients globally.

    Shivaprasad Ji is
    Available in these places

    If you are tired of finding the right solution of any of your personal, professional or social problems, you can avail the astrology services of Pandit Shiva Prashad in the Australian cities of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or the Queensland through the following ways














    If you want to book an appointment with the Best Astrologer in Australia, you can fill-up simple online form given at the top-left corner of the website of Psychic Shiva Prashad and invite him for a personal visit to get the benefits of his astrology services in any city of the Australia.

    To know more about the astrology services of Pandit Shiv Prashad, please check all his astrology services pages and choose the one that best suits your personal, professional and social problems or the goals of your life.